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Learning to Love. Loving to Learn

Dysgu caru, Dwlu dysgu.

We are a Gold Rights Respecting School
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Faith Journey

Come and See Topic 9. - Special Places. Explore reflection.

Come and See - Topic 7. End of topic collective worship planning. We are beginning to plan our own worship in year 3.

First Holy Communion 2023

Class party to celebrate our First Holy Communion

We shared a class mass with year 4.

Class mass at Christ the King Church to celebrate our First Holy Communion.

Mass at Christ the King Church with year 4.

Canon John blessed our mindful meadow. We have a calm quiet place for prayer and meditation.

Planning a collective worship.

Other Faith - Islam. What happens at the Mosque?

We are always delighted when it is our turn to take the prayer bag home to share with our family.

Ascension Day collective worship.

May is the month of prayer to Mary. We joined our whole school procession and crowned Mary our Mother.

Fertile Heart - 3g To know what we mean by a fertile heart. Jesus said a seed must die but will bear much fruit. Discussion with our talk partners and collective worship.

A rosary and prayer card from our Catenian friends to focus our prayer in the month of May.

Come and See Topic 7. Energy LF 5 and 6. Living in the spirit. Living our mission at school.

Come and See Topic 7. Energy. Explore the wind. Making windmills at Forest School.

Come and See Topic 7. Energy. Explore collective worship. Thinking about wind, water and fire energy and the power they represent. Creating artwork to show our ideas and thoughts.

Exploring the power and energy of wind at Forest School with bubbles and windmills. We used our outdoor prayer bag for a collective worship and wondered about ‘Why does the wind blow?’

Using our outdoor prayer back to wonder about the power and energy of the wind.

Still image for this video
We used the collective worship prayer bag, script and wonder box for an outdoor liturgy.

Exploring the wind in our Energy topic. Come and See Tooic 7. Bubbles, windmills and prayer.

Year 3 retold the Resurrection Story as part of our Holy Week Liturgies. God be praised for he is raised.

Come and See Topic 6 Giving All. L.F. 6 we listened to the greatest story of all. The women visited the tomb and found Jesus was risen. We chose and Easter card to reflect the message ‘He is Risen’ for our families and planted flowers as gifts as a sign of the new life Jesus gave us. We decorated the gift labels with our favourite quote from the scripture.

We took part in the whole school Holy Week enterprise fair. We used recycled glass jars to create our products - prayer jars and plant pots. We also went to the fair to purchase products from other classes.

Come and See Topic 6 Giving All L.F. 5. We shared the year 4 liturgy in as they retold the events of Good Friday. We discussed the feelings and actions of the people there. We recognise that Jesus ‘Gave All’ to save us.

Come and See Topic 6 Giving All L.F. 4. We acted out the story of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemene and created iMovies to record how we imagined Jesus and the Disciples were feeling and why they acted as they did.

Reconciliation Service. We visited each prayer station at the reconciliation service and reflected on ways we can show love to others and things we should say sorry for. We are preparing to make our first reconciliation soon.

Come and See Topic 4 Journeys. L.F. 6 We made a record of our journey through each day in prayer by making our own daily prayer book - on World Book Day.

We joined year 4 for their class mass praying for our ‘Community’. We saw how they carried out the ministries. It will be our turn soon. We are ambitious capable learners. We are active contributors who enjoy taking part in community events.

We celebrated the Advent Mass with the whole school at Christ the King Church.

Ten Ten daily collective worship. The Jesse Tree.

Ten Ten Jesse Tree collective worship.

Whole School Advent liturgy with Mrs Keegan. We light the Advent candle 1 now the waiting has begun.

Outdoor Learning - finding the perfect branch to take back to class and use for our Jesse Tree. We started making the symbols to add to the tree each day.

CAFOD Advent Assembly December 2022. We made a pledge to help our light shine. Come and See Topic 3 Visitors.

Reception Class 20222 Retell the Nativity story. We talked about Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem. We really enjoyed watching the acting and singing..

Come and See Topic 3 Visitors. Else rating the birth of Jesus. Sharing messages in a greeting card and enjoying our class party.

Year 4 made an Advent Wreath for our class prayer focus. They told us about some of the important features - it is a circle that has no beginning and no end just like God’s love for us.

Come and See Topic 3 Visitors - we got seated the shepherds from the hillside.

A reading from Isaiah

Remembrance Day Liturgy - We led the whole school in prayer, listening to the word of God, song and reflection. Remembering the people who have struggled and lost their lives at war and in defending their countries.

Come and See Topic 2 Promises. End of Topic rejoice and gather. We shared the light of Christ with our friends passing the candle around the circle repeating the words ‘Receive the light of Christ’. We prayed asking God to help us let our light shine. We blessed ourselves with water saying ‘In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.’

Collective Worship - Homes Topic 1.

Come and See - Homes

We gathered together to celebrate the harvest and give thanks to God for all we have. We brought food donations for Cardiff Food Bank and gave 50p to wear our own clothes to school. We are raising money for CAFOD