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Ysgol Gynradd Crist y Brenin

Learning to Love. Loving to Learn

Dysgu caru, Dwlu dysgu.

We are a Gold Rights Respecting School
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Learning Logs

Learning Log Palm Sunday

Year 1 will walk to Christ the King church on Thursday 7th February as part of our Special People topic in RE. We plan to leave school around 10 am and return by 11.30 am. If any adults are available to walk with us we would be very grateful. Let Mrs Watts or Mrs O'Brien know.

Many Thanks

Learning Log 4th February 2019

Learning Log 7.1.19

Learning Log Year 1 and 2                                                       Monday 27th November


For homework this week, please learn any speaking parts you have been given for the Christmas play.

Also sing the songs to your family at home.


If you have been asked to provide a costume, please bring it to school on Monday 3rd December, as we will need it for our dress rehearsal.

Many Thanks

Welcome to Year 1. We call our homework the 'Learning Log'.

Every child in year 1 should have brought home a yellow book that is their learning log. We have asked you to cover this book in wrapping paper to personalise it, so that the children can recognise their own book and also to protect it as it goes home each week the covers can sometimes become damaged.Thank you for taking the time to do this. 



November 2018 - Year 1 Spelling


Dear Parents

Every week your child will be given 15 spellings in their learning log. Please help them learn as many or as few as you think they can manage.

The list is set out in a 'Must', 'Should', 'Could' table. There are 5 words in each section. Your child may feel able to learn just the 5 spellings in the 'Must' section, or 10 spelling from the 'Must and Should' sections, or they may feel confident enough to learn all 15 of the spellings. 

Encourage them to learn the spellings by looking at the word, saying the word, covering the word and writing it themselves (sound it out if it is a regular word) and then checking to see if they have written it correctly. 





Most of the spelling words are regular. This means they can be spelt by listening for the sounds and writing the letters for them.

Some of the words are irregular or 'tricky' words and have to be learnt by heart.

Once your child knows the names for the letters in the alphabet, they can use the letter names to spell these harder words out. E.g. for the word 'the' your child should say 'tee, aitch,ee,' several times each day until the word is known.


If your child would like an extra challenge they can use words from the list to compose and write their own sentence.


Remember all children progress at different rates, we encourage the children to decide how many or how few spellings they think they are capable of learning. 

Learning Log 12th November 2018

Learning Log 22nd October 2018

Learning Log 15th October 2018

Learning Log 8th October 2018

Learning Log 24th September 2018

Learning Log 17th September 2018