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Dysgu caru, Dwlu dysgu.

We are a Gold Rights Respecting School
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Faith Journey

RED Branch 4 Desert to Garden. We researched parts of the Mass in our groups the jigsawed to share our knowledge with others and create a flow map to show what we know about the parts of the Mass, the responses and reasons for some actions. We presented our flow map to the class and discussed how we could improve it.

Victoria from CAFOD came to talk to us about Catholic Social Teaching.

World Book Day 2024 Book swap. Swap don’t swap. Live Simply action

World Book Day 2024 considering the power of books through the story ‘My name is not Refugee’ by Kate Milner. We completed the CAFOD refugee simulation ‘On the Move’. What would you take? What were you left with?

Using the bible to find this week’s scripture Matthew 26: 26-29 RED Branch 4 Desert to Garden. Retell the scripture using stop motion or iMovie, with Lego or small world equipment.

CAFOD Live Simply award and our School of Sanctuary work. Mrs Keegan and Mrs Oyston told us in assembly how these two projects link as we donate items to our Lenten charity The Birth Partner Project. A visiting speaker, Mrs Stubly, from the project told us how our donations help the new mothers.

Class worship. Matthew 26: 26-29 While they were eating Jesus took a piece of bread, gave a prayer of thanks, broke it and gave it to his disciples.

CAFOD Big Lent Walk 2024 raising money for our global neighbours. Live Simply

Live Simply Spring Swap Shop 2024

Class collective worship Matthew 14: 13-21 Jesus fed the 5000 We give thanks to God for our food and all that he provides for us.


RED Branch 3 Galilee to Jerusalem Research a saint - how did they work to build God’s Kingdom on Earth?


Class worship. Our Father.

Live Simply. Walk to school.

Photo competition. God's Wonderful World. Take an image to represent Psalm 96: 11-12 Let the heavens rejoice.

Year 3 shared Mass at Christ the King church with our friends in Year 4.

RED Branch 3 Galilee to Jerusalem U3.3.2 We know what God’s Kingdom on Earth is and is not.

Creating posters to show the rules we should follow to create God’s Kingdom on Earth. Our friends from year 5 came to show us how to use the Adobe suite on Hwb and help us to log in and get started on our posters.

We are stewards of our beautiful school grounds. We took part in the Big School Bird Watch 2024. We reported the birds we saw to help the RSPB know about the bird population in our area. Caring for God’s Creation as part of our Live Simply award challenges.

RED Branch 3 Galilee to Jerusalem U3.3.6 recall the Our Father prayer and make simple links between the prayer and building the kingdom. D3.3.2 Reflect on how Jesus teaches what the kingdom of God is like including thinking about the Our Father. Collaborative art and illustrating the prayer.

Using our artwork and the Our Father as a focal point for our meditation this week.

We gathered for our KS2 liturgy to celebrate candlemas.

Collective Worship. Our gifts for Jesus, reflecting on the Visit of the Magi.

Branch 2 Prophecy and Promise. Parts of the Mass. Canon John came to talk to us about the Liturgy of the Word and lead us in the correct responses.

Advent craft - angels in response Annunciation, stick characters from the Christmas story.

Advent 2023

Advent art - Angels of Peace. We looked at the art work of Janet Stever for inspiration and created our own Advent Angel. We drew parts of the Christmas story in the angel’s skirts remembering that angels appeared in Nazareth, above the stable in Bethlehem and on the hillside with the shepherds


Advent begins with a whole school liturgy to light the advent candle. One of our friends brought her special calendar to show us. It has little books of scripture to read each day. We also looked at the CAFOD Advent calendar online and shared the prayer together.

Branch 2:Prophecy and Promise. Lesson 2 The Mass. We read about parts of the mass in YouCat and Church story 3. We talked about the order of the Liturgy of the Word with our talk partners and recorded this in a flow map.

We used our pupil voice to vote for the World Gift we would like to buy with the money our class raises on December’s First Friday own clothes day. Year 3 want to buy emergency water packs from the CAFOD World Gifts site. Our parents will donate 50 pence for us to wear our own clothes.

Some of our year 3 pupils worked with the outreach teacher from Dwr Cymru to prepare an assembly about saving water to help reduce climate change. We want to live simply and take care of the resources God has given us.

Year 3 joined our friends in year 4 for their class mass at Christ the King church. It was the feast of St. Andrew and we heard how Jesus calls us to do his work on Earth. Will we say yes as Andrew and Simon did to God’s call?

Year 3 joined Year 4 for their class mass. Thank you Canon Matthew.

Our school feast day! We celebrated the Feast of Christ the King at Christ the King church with our parish community.

Mindful moments at Forest School. We had our 5 minute meditation outside and really listened for the creatures that live in our Forest School area. We praised God and gave thanks for the parts of Forest School that are special to us and the creatures we share it with.

Live Simply - we look after our school grounds by picking up litter and recycling waste correctly. We are working with the Minnie Vinnies and our Eco Team towards the CAFOD Live Simply award.

Our Eco Team and Minnie Vinnnie Senedd groups joined together to develop an action plan to achieve the CAFOD Live Simply award. There is so much we already do and we wanted to do more. One of our actions is to hold more swap shops. We. Made posters to show items we thought would be good to swap. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Live Simply.

We had a whole school assembly led by our Rights Respecting Senedd group. They called us to action tackle Climate Change on World Children’s Day. We started to think about how we could use our voice to make the change. We are very proud of our year 3 pupils who spoke in this assembly.

Climate week 2023 We had a daily live webinar with Eco Schools Wales. We are global citizens and are becoming ethical and informed about ways we can protect our planet.

Climate Week

Year 3 sharing the planning of our class collective worship.

Go Forth Write a message to your family to share the message of St. Paul.

Anti bullying week. Remembering Jesus new commandment ‘Love one another’ show respect and care for others.

End of Topic 1 collective worship. Homes.

Christian Meditation - Maranatha, come Lord Jesus, come.

Canon John came to visit us to talk about the letters of St. Paul and the advice we should listen to to make our homes happy. Canon John told us ‘ Prayer fills the home with love’. He asked us to pray with our families and taught us a prayer to share with them. We also learnt a new song to sing together.

Homes LF5 we wrote a recipe for a happy home after Canon John’s visit. We are a learning community.

Celebrating our Welcome Mass with the whole school, to welcome new friends in our class, new reception children in our school and new teachers. We area worshipping community.

We joined the whole school for the CAFOD harvest assembly and gave praise and thanks for the harvest. We donated money to CAFOD and brought items to school for Cardiff Food Bank to help those in need. We are a worshipping community. We are a serving community.

We started the Mark 10 Rosary challenge at the start of October. We are trying to say a decade of the rosary once a day with our friends in class. We have brought our rosary beads from home to help us keep count.

So excited to share the prayers we wrote at home. Everyone loves taking the prayer bag home 💙

Christian Meditation. Maranatha

Come and See Topic 1 Homes - LF 2 Rules for a happy home. We listened to the advice St. Paul gave to the Ephesians and made poster to show the rules we think are important for parents and children.

Topic 1 Homes - Explore ‘What makes a house a home?’ What is special about your home?

Topic 1 Homes

Topic 1 Homes. Explore reflection. My home.