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Y6 2018-19 Gallery

Our trip to the big pit

On Wednesday 15th November, Year 5 went to visit the Big Pit as part of our learning about the Victorians.

The Coal Mine

When we went underground, we had to get our safety kit, helmets and the equipment we needed to use down in the coal mine. An experienced coal miner took us to the old lift, where we went down underground ninety metres. It was very exciting down in the coal mine because he told facts and interesting stories to us, and he also told us about one of the worst disasters in Britain. We walked around and saw where the seventy two horses stayed and lived. They only came out for two weeks in the summer. If I was a horse I would feel mistreated, trapped, unloved and upset. We went to the sick bay and saw an old wooden rocking horse which was called Rocky. We also saw where the trappers would open and close the doors to let the people with the carts filled with the coal through. They would know where they were in the mine because they were all different colours. When we came to the end of the tour we all turned off our lights and got into the lift. After a few minutes we got to the top of the mine and we took off our safety kit and our helmets.

Maggie Morgan

After we had lunch we went to speak to a lady called Maggie Morgan who told us about her life story (she was acting). She was very interesting and funny. Maggie told us interesting stories and facts about the mines in Victorian times. She told us about her brothers and sisters in the mines. One of the stories was when her sister’s legs were crushed by a dram. Another story is when her brother got crushed by falling rocks in the mine because of a type of dangerous gas. She told us that she couldn’t read or write when she was a child and she can’t even read or write now. Also she said that she hated when the elderly said that modern children now behave worse nowadays, because they were too tired to make mischief back then. They stopped working in the mines and went to the iron works but the ladies hated it so they asked to go back to the coal mine. The owners said “NO!” but they did let them sort out the coal. Maggie said she loved doing this job because it was out in the open air. We loved listening to Maggie

The trip was amazing! I would highly recommend it to others who are interested in history or mining (though you can’t do mining for a job any more).

We loved it and so did our teachers.

We rated it 9.5/10!