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Dysgu caru, Dwlu dysgu.

We are a Gold Rights Respecting School
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Photo Gallery

AOLE SCIENCE AND TECH / NUMERACY-We voted in the best material fir Humpty’s jacket . We used our subtilising skills and 10 frame knowledge to count the number of votes. Then we tested each material to see if Humpty would crack. Can you see the winner ?

AOLE SCIENCE AND TECH- we have been helping Humpty Dumpty by making a jacket that would stop him cracking . We used lots of different materials and discovered a bubble wrap jacket was the best material.

AOLE Science and Tech - we had so much fun exploring reactions during our Sparkle Lab workshop.

AOLE NUMERACY- matching numicon to numbers beyond 10.

AOLE NUMERACY-We have been learning about numbers beyond 10 and representing the numbers using ten frames . We discussed the numbers describing them as 10 and how many more .

AOLE EXPRESSIVE ARTS - we have had so much fun learning new skill in PE. We are learning to balance, land carefully and control our movement.

AOLE HUMANITIES- we went on a woodland walk to find wild garlic. We used it to make garlic bread . We were learning how people in the past foraged for food to use.

AOLE Humanities / Numeracy /DCF- we have been sorting photos into the past and the present .

AOLE HUMANITIES AND DCF - we have been learning about photos from the past for our new context enquiry Long Ago. We then edited our photos to change them from colour to black and white.

AOLE Numeracy- we have been learning all about 3D shapes .We found lots of 3D shapes around our school environment.

AOLE NUMERACY- we have been playing Jack and the Beanstalk maths games .


AOLE SCIENCE and TECH - we continued our growing topic by learning how kittens grow and change .

St Davids Day 2024

AOLE LLC /Science and Tech . We used our new born chicks 🐣 to help with our sentence writing and describing words .We wrote about how they had grown over the last 2 weeks.

AOLE SCIENCE and TECH - We are learning how we grow and change. We watched our chicks 🐣 hatch from eggs . They have grown already!

World Book Day 2024

AOLE NUMERACY - we have been learning all about showing amounts using a 10 frame.

AOLE Numeracy - Outdoor Maths - We have been learning about 6,7,8 and exploring ways of making these numbers in different ways.

AOLE HEALTH AND WELLBEING - During Anti - Bullying Week 2023 we explored how to use our hands for helping and making others glad 😀 not sad 😢.

AOLE NUMERACY - We have been working on 1 more and 1 less .

AOLE LLC - Writing autumn sentences.The leaf 🍁 is .....

AOLE HUMANITIES For our new enquiry topic Sparkle and Shine we have been learning about the Hindi autumn festival of Diwali 🪔 . We made rangoli patterns , diya 🪔 lamps and painted Mehndi patterns on hands.

AOLE HUMANITIES- We have been learning about important black women from history .

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AOLE NUMERACY- we have been learning to make repeated patterns

AOLE Numeracy - we are working hard to form our numbers correctly.

AOLE HEALTH AND WELLBEING- muddy fun in forest school 😊

AOLE NUMERACY- outdoor maths measuring sticks and sorting leaves by size .

Halloween 2023 👻🎃

AOLE NUMERACY - We are painting our hands 🙌 and feet 🦶 so we can measure how long they are 😆.

AOLE LLC -Having fun forming our letters .

AOLE Numeracy - We have enjoyed learning about making sets . Can you guess the rule.?

AOLE NUMERACY-we used natural resources to learn about sets and how to describe sets .

AOLE HUMANITIES AND HEALTH AND WELL-BEING We went for a walk around our local area . We found a park to play in 😀🤩👌

Rolling into Forest School

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We are learning about belonging . We all belong to a family ❤️

We all need a buddy ❤️

AOLE Numeracy-we have been learning all about matching objects . We looked at our matching socks , played SNAP and found the matching objects around the classroom.

AOLE LITERACY- We are working hard to form our letters correctly 👏.

AOLE HEALTH AND WELL-BEING-Meeting our Buddies ❤️

AOLE HEALTH and WELL-BEING - Playing with our friends on the new castle area.

AOLE HEALTH and WELL-BEING -Meeting Our Buddies at forest school . ❤️

AOLE Health and Well- being - Meeting our new friends ❤️🥰